Deer, Willie Gueist

It’s the Top of the Seventh (heaven)
and Camilo Cienfuegos despliega un juego perfecto.

El duo-DiNamico de Mika and Joe are playing Short-stop and Second fiddle to Joey “give me the keys” Obama, Eye got’s this.


Bostonianns.:BAAD1953-B21C-45E2-B0CA-BAC720CDA0F3 •|• nice 6:27 Sunrise you got there WaWaLand Obelisk, are you working out… or are you just happy to see Emu.

deer, reverend sharpton, please wait for the byrd to taxi, and keep your seat-belts on. Eye, by the güey, referrs you to Greeks Crypte, and not the queen mary’s crips.

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