Issy, “on top of ol’Smoky”

Eye will smash his fucking “pied noir”.

in the men time

…[A]nd his fucking brains, deer Joe. Oh yes eye willl. Oh, õüí, eye WILL. So work them muscles at the AquaFront, you are going to be “TAPaS” in the form of “mergez”.

It’s all about “prestige”, or something like that when someone is Far Beyond Driven.

Dedicated to EWE

Dedicated to EWE. Because yes, it’s the only way to move on. You are dead, pied noir… and did the “SIRENS” mentioned that “hoy no hubo” turismo en “la escalada de tres vergasde tres metros en El Arsenal? Al parecer, cada negro de BAMAKO vivía lejos, o algo así.

… and Adel, eye can play both Jimi and Neil with my left hand. Wait ’till you see what EYE do with Paul on Bass. Dead Paul, of course, not the Foo-Fighting bitch.

a band of horses

a band of horses

Eye’m coming to smash you, YOU know who you are.

Salamander you are dead

Salamander you are dead.

So bring on the Night… because (donc) Cherri, that MAN is marked.



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