… and Ted Nugent goes to Mme. Summer:

¡Pasa la Donna, negra!

… [A]nd the Disco Biscuits Ensemble goes:

Racist coward, please

Racist coward, please!!!
You Shit your pants if your government DRAFTS yo’SORRY Ass to defend that Flag that you wipe your COWard ass with while you buy underage teens from the Pacific Islands.

… and like your “stupid, ignorant, CRIMINAL GANGSTER of a president, you can only score if your “daddy” Dick Cheney holds them Indiana Quayle’s for your Coward ASS.

Right Now, Donald Trump: the best Wine in the World (from France) is in my belly and in your lovely, lovely Overstay–Whore of a First Lady that you paid to bee your wife.

Let MÍ, motherfucker, break it down for all the ho’s that follow your MAGA movement around the World:

Azote and Vitamin:

Azote and Vitamin.:B2588BD2-DDAE-406A-87AD-6B4A126E75CA •|• Red Red Whine.

LET’s clean
the WaWaLand SWAMP, eh!

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