The Skin of the Hollies of Georges Brassens

Oh, boy.

Don't shoot the Booker

Don’t shoot the Booker. Now give me a beer.

And Ivory goes:

Enjoy your vacation. Good luck on the picking cotton pickers back in your Jerry Seinfeld Districts. You fucking Gangsters.fipper, please!

Coming Up on the African ‘Merican CCTV SAP Signal:

IT’s Chicago School Stand Up institute of Eco_No–Mics, with your host, Paul McCartney. This Week’s guest is the one and only Very Superstitious, mAAAAN!!! Stevie Wonder.

… and Jack Ruby goes:

—For 100 dollarz! Why is Chicago la ciudad de la Dos necesidades en Santiago de ChileShit?

and the rest of the Rolling Stones Circus go:

—Porque [dios] así lo quiso. nuestro legionario redentor, y porque el jesus de guadalajara jalisco que se enrollaba en seda y usaba sus zapatillas de torero puto de la misma manera que el pederasta-protector Ratzinger, asi lo redactó! Dicho de otra puta manera, mr. morning in america, it’s because of supply-Demand and of course :

The Chicago School es la ciudad de los conciertos que TicketMaster denomina como la ciudad de las DOS Necesidades, because of CaPiPiShitLism… y que chingue a su madre la Celestina, ÖÜÏ don’t need no stinking INTERMEDARIOS del F.M.I… öüï are the fucking Stones, bitch! Now gimme some Brown Suga’ Negrita.

Eye am not your drummer

Eye am not your drummer

Next Up: Fip Actuality: it’s official, Le Tour de France nomarcharía pas en la Zona del Silencio because it is infernal, so they left it up to the Fucking Canuks to promote los caminos de Michoacán… “Sur tout circonstances”, my ASS, dijo John MalQueBitch.

and Charlie Watts, goes: right on.

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