Dear, Mme. Hidalgo (alcaldesa)

Please wait for Sugar Ray’s message.
08h45 in CET

Todo bien, nadie se está orinando en las calles. Hombres y mujeres simplemente están regando las ratas.

11h40 in CET one hour for fuck-o

…[A]nd in Washington, Cousin (deer) Joe’s hair got licked by a COW, —a Cow and a 30 TRILLION ARGENTINEAN deuda. Oh–Say can you See?

In Fútbol Asociación news, every CONfedERATión got what they wanted from the polls.

12h40 in CET

Benny Cerritos Follows

Benny Cerritos Follows

In America sin acento “No Man is above the Law,” except William Barr’s dick in Robert Muller’s mouth. GAG ORDER, bitch? Donald Trump has the light’s LIGHT IS always on. Scared? Marines don’t get scared ; they just follow orders like “BOY” scouts of Hitler’s youths. Robert Mueller will show his colors in just a few, will he be the… of GodWins Godwin’s LAW.

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