…[A]nd then, Atlas Shrugged at the msnbc

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They never leave the set

They never leave the set… with a two-minute delay after the break. And they don’t even have a cent of colitas like the Morrison Hotel in Gambetta. 

El espectro en los controles de Mika Brzezinski. In any case, shape or form, deer Cousin Joe ; and from the bottom to the top and, from the top to INFAMY IN THE united states of america (sin acento), LET IT BEE known that “control” room 3A is missing an “ese” in that rather incomplete anagram. Indeed, Cousin Joe, indeed.


When in Paris

En París las Féminas le hacen, Memo, como en El Paso: dial 17, the cops will take care of the fucking BOLOSS… •|• Johanna Maria Magdalena “Magda” Goebbels, would approve of the Official Photo placement of the “JU” in her. Attention Editors, don’t you motherfuckers D.A.R.E. to shoot at the Messanger. Don’t do it!

Atención: Cabina de Control, please stand-by for “Meckziko as a « soft power », o cómo dice Dante AligHIERi on page 13 of L’Histoire Hors–Série Nº 84:

en épocas de fascistas, la diplomacia en El Feudo de La Chingada, es la paz, de don Octavio y la de un pueblo evangelizado por café tacuba en parís: ¡INGRATOS!!!

Sólo para conocedores

Sólo para conocedores: SEKTA CORE.

The very french are on Vacas de Été, so we [the staff] of Studio 3AS de La Vía Larga de “La Parisina” en Acolhuas y Tapanecas, bring you (for the SAKE of “drunkard Derek”, the premise of where FLORANCE began, pg., 24 as described by Botero at the l’EHESS, which is French for the “Very High” School of Social Sciences, or something like that del Boulevard Raspail.

Porque cómo México, en Italia ya hay Dos.

Öüï report...

Öüï report…

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