In the back, in the corner… French People have no reason

It’s 9h20 in CET

Nº de dossier

Nº de dossier:W2019G53045

There is a min. Temp of 17°C ; and a max. of 30°C, Fair pollution rate ; and pretty much fucking sunny–Side up up to Gnow.

… [A]nd then les “Nains” showed up

50% off on all nains

50% off on les nains… Because the Munn belongs to Lovers—RELEASE THE HEIDI!!!

WD 10:40 in Central NATO Thymes… at the mooovies:

Lust 4 Liferz...

Lust 4 Life… motherfucker.

Sufferin’ Succotash… Donald Trump, “Youuu’re deththpicable!”, said Duck DODGERS, upon landing on the Dark Side of the Munn, adding, “sometimes Ewe (motherfucker) make Mí feel like a motherless duck”.

— Houston, upon arrival to the Dark Side of The Munn, The CocoNo Ship reports that those Dang-on Frogs have done it again. They beat us to it! These people [the french] have no reason, they had the NERVE TO INSTALL A DUPLICATE SET OF THEIR HOTEL DE VILLE, just so that their FIREFighters can play VolleyBalls! And them frenchy mac frenchi faces are not letting any arriving vessels play on them California replica silica Sand. French people have no reason. Release the Heidi!!! Munn.

A ver? A ver al CINE!

A ver? A ver al CINE!

Actual Thyme in Central Europe:


… a small v, for BEE kind.


Exhibit: A


Ingratos… para qué mingados creen ustedes que es la mantaraya en forma de RED!!!, eh?

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