All of the Thyme: Trombone!!!

Wanna see what a “Bushy–Bushie hair-do looks like?


Deadline WaWaLand

In this section, Gael García Bernal, arrives a la Gare de Lyon, en Monterey, California y… se da cuenta que el distribuidor automático de boletos, irónicamente no reconocía la “redundancia” de las ERRES.

On the MsNBC screens at the terminal the action showed Porn and on The Times, right next to the obituary page (on the Left margin), the Labor Department announced a wanted ad for general labor starting at 15 dollars per hour. Nobody Cared, Porn was on the screen.

Consenting adults

Consenting adults

Dear. John Heilemann : Calendar what? If them “calendar” girls were Brown, the Mexican Consul at Donald Trump’s wingman Paris Mansion, would not hesitate to call these women “putas”, there is a video about that TOP-down behavior from “La Consul Peyorativa” de Los Amigos de Mexico en Francia on this most inconsequential blog, they did not say it, but they did push Manuel Valls to send ME back. Just Sayin’.

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