To the Munnnnnnnnnnn

Houston: Stand–by for sitrep:

Ladies in Gemini, La Munn on La Seine.

Öüï just had the Eclipse for Clearance ; engage.
— Over

Live from Saint-Opportune

Live from Saint-Opportune… casi esquina con los inocentes.

Parece que fue ayer, y yo aún ni era californiano. Yo soy del ’71, Houston ; de BRDO, para SER exacto.



Dear, Ari Melber,
Please bee adviced that at 00h10* The Sun has finally stopped munching on our Munn. RELEASE THE HEIDI!!!

Are we (the U.S)
Striking the Truth
at Caesar Palace.

lets play hardball

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, “Go back where Ewe came from,” dijo CALIFORNIA.

By the People and for Eric.


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