Dear, God!!! Sam Stein hates our Country (music)

Mean, while Trumpism is on the rise, Sam Stein is ugly, but at least he is not Senator Linsey Buckingham, or something like a southern lady like her tell mí lies Tell ME lies donald trump… of course, when “Jon Stewart” says this, Cousin Joe says it’s exhausting, et al…

And Louie Prima goes:

Strings attached

Strings attached… 📎

In math news, trapezoids are squares.

Joey second piece

Joey, how do you PRIORITIZE the line, hear me out, and never mind Sam Stein, he’s ugly, but seriously, what do EYE do if Mike Barnicle is behind a “young buck” like SAM Stein? Joey, what if  Barnicle is a crippled foucault? Eye am looking at you, Eloy “Sanders” Vallina, dijo doña Pony Poniatowska.

… Damn It, Barnacle hacked the two minuted delayed stream… y por si sobrara menos, la 4G se fue de vacaciones al Luc de Lombards, where Billy Joe, —An American Idiot— tried to beat a bridge, o algo así. It was not clear, dijo Claire speaking from the Ozarks (on anonymity) why Billy Joe left A Perfectly good Green Day, behind.

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In Local news: Luc Fregón does not select our decks ; the MSN in ISSY do.

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