Watch him folks, he’s a moccasin on the pond

They are taking our Greatest Challenge!!!

Canuck Go Home!

Canuck Go Home!

This incursion is an Act of GWAR!!!

Still to Come… how many bytes of the apple does A Pecker [in the mix] will make Nicolle Wallace giggle in Class (1984), in this section, Generalissimma Jordan will factor in, The Wild Rose, who is not going to mention the sub-peanuts in the Trump Administration.

Attention battlestations: for the record this is what a Wawa MOCCASIN on a pond looks like, models vary, but Ewe get the idea, Chuckles, and no chuck todd, don’t encourage floridians, there is nothing “lovely” about Miami. Kill it! Kill Maiami. Get rid of it, EXCHANGE it for Puerto Rico.

Sneeky mocasines

Sneeky mocasines, eh‽ A Wise Guy.

And Now, it’s Hail to the Chief… ladies in Gemini, the little fucking culebra occupying the White House is going to give an address; it’s going to look and sound like this thing here:

The president's day

The new 45th president’s day. George Washington was a soft president, so we [the staff] found a more APT Day for him and his Cabinet. Hail LA Culebra–In–Chief!!! Hip-Hip! step on him.

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