Eat at Joe’s

Today’s Special:

Systemic Migra

Systemic Migra

Mushrooms con Peyote:
à la mode de la Hoya,
prepared by: Chef Dangerfield
Your Waiter for tonight, Mrs. Wallace,
will bee Derek Drunkard and nevermind the bear, it’s part of the show.

...[A]nd in the Role of William Barr

…[A]nd in the Role of Donald Trump’s Attorney-at-law, William Barr.:B0AD6F99-3093-49EA-96F0-C29DC784D034 •|• Oscar de La Hoya.


Shop at Monsanto

Shop at Monsanto, and please don’t forget to shoot your messenger. We [the staff] report, and we regret to inform you that Derek is correct, Ana is Isis.

Babas de nopalitos morados en Gobernadora… a potion so strong, it’s guaranteed to break–away kidney Stones and gentle enough to Strip the Rust out of your big HEMI engine Radiator.

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