Mopolitan nEws wit Cosmo, with Claire and Mary

Hello, Cosmo; you don’t SAY!!!

Edecanes Jobs at OxxO

Edecanes Jobs at OxxO

…[B]ut first, la parada de las Emperadoras del Fútbol… Yankee, way to go home, eh!

In the land of the millennial..

In the land of the millennial, One–Eyed Roy Moore is King.

Additionally, in the land where The Court of Appeals is renamed by Bubba, the irony writes itself, if Eye Rony knew how to write, of course.

Just ask Civil Rights era Justice, “Minor Wisdom”, Johnny, mi’Boy ; “minor wisdom” of course, as every Fox and Friends amigos de Donald Trump know, leads to “Minor Swing”, and Öüï can’t BEE having that. At least not before 7 p.m. on the All New: Radio Listening Silence Siren Freq’s, now with “Titles” countdown matchWicks.

Get the app! And Ezra, please relay to (them) Sirens that  öüï ain’t MAD. Mad folded the tent and went to Editor’s–in–Chief heaven, however it must bee noted that a radio listener can’t look up at other Freq’s without the INA graduates at Radio France going:

Change the Jane Curtains, they are to old. Bring in them teeny-tiny Freedom Tailgators.

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