Kentucky WindsAge, part ii — Sección 2-13 AR

Bravo Co. 1991 Ft. Knox U.S.A….

And Bill Paxton goes:

Ewe meant to write “Kentucky”, Private, is that not what you meant to Right? Kentucky, because The USA, write NOW, it’s Wrong ; now, do you want Apples with those extra push-ups that you owe me for Fucking up the BleüGRASS State?

or, just a regular march to mount motherfucker?

Öüï now return to the Sacraments of Bill Paxton

Numero Dos:
Edge of the Knife… The {set} was still standing. The “Stripes” barracks was actually where the plain ol’bus stopped and after leaving my wallet in El Segundo, i and the rest of the passengers left our Goldie locks in the other set where PRIVATE BENJAMIN left her culotte behind, beeFOUR falling for Henrí Tremont.


Fall in.

But first: Local NEws…

Fall out: now, the Entire World learned of the Electoral College and this one here, is not one of those. It is, however, aussi* un resultado d’ese proceso, porque al mismo tiempo…

*big HasteRisk,  aussi means Also, not shrimp on the barbie.

_porque al mismo tiempo que las Empedradoras del fútbol asociación celebraban por el Cañon de la Victoria, o de la gloria, o algo así, en El Mundo De los LaWyers de La Unión, la Tremenda Corte de los EEUU descubre que dejar el puesto de JUEZ, o jueza a un abogado y a un padrón electoral es la receta perfecta para un Soup Sandwich for Your American Soul.

Long story short, Barbie, judges should be philosophers, not a rotation of LAWYERs on the County Bench. The you put your mano en la mia and You get a line and eye get a pole is a racket.

Happening right now on MSNBC: PORN, starring, The HomeLand Security “double-dipping” Squad. Produced by Halliburton Productions, and the Evangelical KKK and the Council for Porno para La Aristocracia de Palm BEACH, Florida. DIRECTOR: Joe ARPAIO. Available on KING Don entertainment pussy grabbing Networkz.

Sin embargo, D.A.R.E. is Hope, and she’s got a Purple “Fonzie” do… the bad thing, is that nobody watches CNN, except at the Airports, and those establishments are going Private now. So get ready for FOX tv.

“But there’s hope for you, Captain”, said Bill Paxton, and little will barr went: troll.

Witch Which, dear, Marianne, brings us to the following: are you going to keep feeding us recepizes, or, let U.S. know if Brontis à La Préfecture is going to make of us a DEAD man or a STATeLESS citizen? This excercise is getTing old and like i, Armando Segovia mentioned beeFOUR, öüï gotz BleüBalls.

Deer, Ari Melver. Eye dig your show. You fucking Kneedle Troll.

and the beat goes moore.

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