Kentucky WindsAge, part ii — Sección Sé

In Local nEws, Nacha Pop (Nicole Wallace) closed her streams and decided that Deadline in Washington was going to be a No-Go. That’s like so Orange County in reaganomics trickle piss pass days at Knott’s Landing, o algo así.

La Tremenda Corte

La Tremenda Corte.: Is it possible, that López Obrador and Trump Robador are playing from the same Air–Land Warfare FM?

Dear, Miss Rook, thanks for opening up the choreographies on the deadline {SET}, still, we [the staff] respectfully request  that You, Madam, release The Heidi.

In Mighty–Mighty Bosstones News, fucken’ey!… sadly, Money remains the Motivation to have an eternal Two-year electoral money pot, Who wins: The Networks and THE Donnie motherfucking Deutsch–es–es-es.


Oh, Hey, Hallie Jackson:
of course we [the staff] know that you don’t read us, which gives U.S. the opportunity to shift voices (Bernie Sanders) and request feedback on what the head peacocks  at Comedy Central… at msnbc headquarters would say, or rather how them “board” types would react to when confronted with the proposition of equal pay for those unborn fetuses who have to go to work on account that they are stuck inside of a “bubble”.

Of course, the first thing that i know about carrying a baby is that i don’t know Jack about carrying a baby next to where my guts are, however… if conservative corporate America wants to tell women when “life” begins, then the fat cats should bee consistent with what they preach.

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