Dear, Mr. President of The United States of America:

Sir, mr. Donald J. Trump, the First;

What's so Supreme about Them SCOTUS

“What’s so Supreme about Them SCOTUS,” dijo Donald Trump in the role of Carmen Miranda.

The following es un Uso Justo de todos los medios.

Donald Trump wish

Donald Trump’s secret desire is to bee Evita, himself. His daddy (Vladimir Putin) dresses him like Madonna with pointy breast–es–es and has his fat-ass do the Cha Cha because the Tango is just to complex for his dumb-ass to keep up with the bandoneón, his thing is straight cock sucking  from BanDolEros.

Please STOP reading our BLOG!!!

You, sir, have been using my drafts for a telenovela as a walking cane for your Twitter®️ rants.

C'mon every-body

C’mon every-body, do the Donald Trump “cha–cha”, given the corruption out of the great State of Palm Beach, florida, who cares? Bananas for all, who cares? The U.S. was already occupying the top POLE position of  the wacky banana republic race since Inauguration 2017 ; and did you happen to see all of THEM crowds doing the Donald Trump Cha Cha? Funny how them Trump types all goose-step when they do the Cha Cha.

Your latest “observation” about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez is just another example of your lack of originality. You sir, probably copied your way through all of those schools that your daddy paid to each principal and/or dean to ensure that your Dumb ass would be able to graduate from each institution that you probably never even attended to… because your daddy paid for your “diplomas” in advance.

You know shit, mr. president. You are still riding on your daddy’s dime.

And, sir, Madge told me to tell you, not to invoke her name in vain… got toothpaste? Motherfucker.

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