Así todo DESAFINADO, ” I hate to say it, but…

__ We are the Champions.”

The only 5-star Gral. is Brazil, and they play on a Different Gender.merie.

Congratulations to The U.S. Women Soccer Team. Four-Star Generals. Indeed.

All of MÍ, With all due respect.

Let's do the VAR.:

Let U.S. do the VAR.:1E46D873-5D53-4113-B7D6-3B81BDDDD477 •|•
88 years… 8 + 8 = 16 ✔️…
16 es 1 y 6 para las Siete… “and if the Devil is SiX then God es Siete, dijo Franck Black (in Dog we Trust – Fuck Yeah!!!)
Now, for all of those who don’t like to show their work on the TEST, check THIS shit out:
Square Root emoji is not available on this particular “TIM APPLE” gadget, pero CONFIA en MÍ, Franck, the square root of 16 (8 más 8) es Un Cuatro.

I Love this GAME. Ain’t no “Sidewinding” but, Niño Luc, we [the staff] can dig it, TWO.

——— mean, while Trump is the leader of the Sports visits to the White House:

Of course...

And of course, the posse is always Phallic bases… and Ewe are not foolin’ any güey, Ozzy Osbourne!

It’s pasa la rocha, not pasa “La Antorcha”, any güey, Mexico City correspondiente, we [the staff] got plenty of « lumbre », what öüï knead is, wait for it, wait. In the mean, time, here’s Our Week in a Snapshot:

Who won the week?

Who won the week?.:ACE5F686-92D0-4FBA-BE89-CCCA28A337C3 •|• Is it Possible‽

C’mon NOW!

Brasil linkage for TRIBUTE reference between the Pentacampeones and the now TETRAcampeonas del Fútbol Asociación, was made possible by a grant for Laundry services by “The Niño Luc foundation”. The Niño Luc is the Patron Saint of all lost Causes, like por ejemplo, Raquelito, figuring out in 2020 which of the candidates for U.S. president is going to BEE celebrating the Third World Cup title in a row, an embolden re-elected fascist, or the winner of the Kamela Harris / Bernie Sanders debate?

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