“Quelle audace, les maracas… deer, Profesor Brother on Skates (nice Tan!)

Ron Burgandy in the role of ARMAndo Àlvarez, reports:

Marti Marietta lifts a 4th of July toast

Marti Marietta (Cement Force) lifts a 4th of July toast

__ [Y] ese Ukulélé qui voulait surfer no canta tan mal las Rancheras, and Ewe bet she followed the rules of Engagement ; Eye tell you Eddie Princeton, they just don’t make THEM Sean Penn-es-es like EL PRI used to.

Oh, the humanity

Live from Jim Croce’s papas fritas de San Diego restaurant: fucking Canuks!

Listen up, profe, don’t Ewe, forget about what is talking place on the other goal post ; Willie, is AMLO the evangelical rough-draft of Benito?

Vía Mexican Monosapiens NEWS

Fuck Daytona… and Florida too. Vía Mexican Monosapiens NEWS… Viva New Jersey!!! … Thunder Boom–Boum Tee–Shitrs!!! Get your Thunder THEYs Boom–Boum Tee-Shirts!!! “Dime a Dozen!!!”

Ancient rusty investigators say YES.

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