Tonight’s Menu: The Backbone of the QTAR Finals

Plats du Jour: Send Mí a HAíNA

is there no Meches in this land

Pregunta un Yndio:
Are there no Meches in this land?
And Lenny Kravitz goes, ask the old man, Eye think they call them Ho’s “Mercedes” up in this Hot-Ass Hexágono.

The Indo–Ho (With Orange Crush)


The Chi–Na Minh (Purely and nothing but Spine)

A river runs through

A river runs through .:35A7109E-B1FE-494C-99D5-35838B496632 •|• …

For Dessert, on desert température THEYS in La France:

FROMAGE DE TÊTE…. or thee-thés para los muy ardientes.

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