In this Universal (chapter): Finals Week

Submitted for next tear’s year’s tuition, the student will present in Debate Team format, a “He (BERNIE SANDERS) said, and THAT motherfucking bitch at the White House, (Donald “traitor” Trump) said:

It's another Orange County Sunset

It’s another Orange County Sunset

If, and only if, the student was paying attention, then his or her silly dumb ass would know better than to ask silly love song–type questions.

Lucha Libre needs no para-metros.

10—point bonus:


Lucharáááán dedos a TRES caídas…

Desarrolle un encuentro en relevos australianos entre:

Those fucking rivers

Those fucking rivers.:CAF70570-FE21-4424-936C-48629B09F3B1…

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