Dangling with Donald Trump’s drowned participles

Mean, while in Old El Paso…

Our next guest

Our next guest made a movie about how his Watch Company secured the Beatles catalogué, —as the Soundtrack of PORNOGRAPHY!!! Y’all. The Opening “shot”:
Donald Trump is descending on an escalator at Bob GuccionES penthouse shack and a procession of mostly paid men, or EDECAGNES* is Coming Over him… NorWAGEians Would (not) is the Audio on a Ken Burns “effect” take-out.

The CITY manager, because that is what where a Fascist strategy begins with at, IT begins with a city manager who answers to Bill Sanders from Sunland Park and Los Vallina de Chihuahua, and not ! We repeat, —answers to the CÉSAR Duartes de El PRI (bernardo gómez) and NOT GIVE A DAMN about the people on either side of them Poles.

The river is not Grande, pero cómo suele SER BRAVO, aguas.

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