Ancient Aliens… General Charles de Gaulle episode.

Exhibit OT:

Over Time

Go Kay!!! Overtime in OverDrive “Los Ochos” are on the Line.

ISSY, What if the Resistfrog was a Pajero fan himself? Eh!?

Carlitos no surfea

Carlitos no surfea, chata., he rides Acura’s., la situación al minuto 40 después de la Hora es 1 por 1 para las Damas. Buen fút… Attention KAY!!!

Word of artificial keyStrokes reveal that Yes! The inventor of the “V” for vendetta (with the complicit carpet bombings of the Velveeta Clan of them Ike boys, probably from Indiana) was in fact a big fan of the Pajero all–wheels on the ground.

Which begs the motherfucking question, Again:


Anuncio: Support Your Local Presse…

WAR, what the fuck is it good for? — Outside of a Judge Judy’s French method of Judiciary Anthropometric Identification, eh?

“The Good General”, remembers Judge Judy, was all for “Terapéutico Pajerismo”, but never Ever–ever, pajerismo ludico.

Attention KAY!!!

Go Kay!!!

Go Kay!!! You didn’t defect the Roast Bif’s to give Bolserano a fucking victory. You are like Jesse Owens right now. The CDG clan is counting on you.

“It’s Saint Colombey de dos Pajas, not Colombia Sana sana colita de Rana!!!”, dijo la muy juzgona.


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