It’s just another day… without Rachel Maddow.

In-step, of course, Texas “Tee” went up on the comodas market.

All quiet on the 6th arrondissement

All quiet on in the 6th arrondissement.

In Local news, here at this most inconsequential BLOG it’s always Music Day, and every motherfucking day is the Longest Day, for U.S., even when all that Jazz goes on a twitting spree.

La sopa popular

La sopa popular de noche.

In Washington, the purple pundit is a veteran bush on in the Administration, and the president of the United States, Vladimir Putin, considers a move to Iran would bee a “catastrophe”. To BEE fair, everything East of Amsterdam is a fucking catastrophe. On the up-side, öüï did manage to locate the now, Lazarus Man, for the eight years year in a row. On in this edition it was in a Violin and a motherfucking Fender®️… A-Ah.

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