Hear me out Franck — Sophie agrees!

From the AFP:

La Concha de Sophie

La Concha de Sophie y la misa de re apertura.

Of course, only in America, would the “democratic” process cockblock the World Cup (fifa), with a bracketed contest.

… por ejemplo, Raquelito:

TeleMundo y la “llamada” Copa América, o algo así… where the RODEO from the American exceptionalism  is Off-Limits to the post-Capitalist U.S.A.; where, capitalism used to bee DYNAMIC and not stagnant on them banksters from portfolio street.

de cualquier manera, Norway is sending its best.

“One of this these days eye am going to take my conscience out for a walk”… Chixx DiggIt or some fucking Canuck outfit, or something like THAT.

The Enemy is Maple Syrup. It is evident.

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