“No estaba muerta, andaba de parranda”, con Los Hijos del Quinto Patio

… mientras tanto en La Movida, aparece una Raqueta.


Serena, morena, serena. Es domingo. But coming up in the programming: Hear Mí Out, Lord Lorne.

Cecily Strong, (chg2) scratch this INTRO reporta desde Los Bosques–es–esos de Bologna; no se vaya, —deteniendo.

Efeméride: luego de haber inventado a Dios, a los muy franceses, se les ocurre inventar a las chingadas madres, le seguirian el mercado de tarjetas postales  y el trasiego de BERGAMOTE, O ALGO ASÍ.

Amable auditorio que no nos lee, les informamos que el segmento que correspondía a Cecily Strong, y que será transmitido desde los bosques de Bologna, será en su lugar remplazada presentado por Gabriela Sabatini, quien nos trae noticias on the whereabouts of La Argentina, no se vaya, —deteniendo.

Mme. Villasegnor in her nature state

Mme. Villasegnor in her natural state. Being önë of the privileged daughters of the Satyr, Pan, Melissa was perfect for the big Screen. •|• L.E.G.E.N.D.  says, that daughters more often than not pop–out of their mommies vaginas looking like their DADDY’s. We [the staff] learned this in Kindergarten Cop school with the motherfunking Terminator, y’all!!!

Previously on:

Dear, M. Villasegnor;
The Wilson’s Files for the role of Heidi Przybyla.

We [the staff] requested that Heidi’s role go to Mme. Villasegnor, she (Heidi) most certainly earned it. Having mastered “The know your H.E.A.T.ers Value » training, under the Brzenznski Method, known as: The Poles Are Talking. For her efforts (those of Heidi), we [the staff] hacemos H.I.N.C.A.P.I.E. para que the occasional “Alex de la O”, bee IN–SorCised; the opposite of an EX–Or-Cism, with the S.O.U.L. of Heidi Przybyla A.S.A.P… and thanks for going ARMY.

Attention BattleStations:

The following C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R.E.S.A. representation of a Young Heidi Przybyla in Warsaw, (c.MMXIII) was rendered by Mika’s Motors, or some Reflex–Artist from Polonia.

Hear Mí Out, Mme. Hidalgo

Hear Mí Out, Mme. Hidalgo: listen Mayor, we [the staff] insist on mounting La Concha de Cecily Strong (in the R.O.£.€. of Mme. Catherine Deneuve) over the top of any cock that it is placed besides her, as in the case of this year’s GUADALUPANA REPRESENTATION COMMITTEE AT  the 72nd (RATP) Palmares at Cannes Bravos, Region de PACA(s).

…[A]nd Chuckles, watch out for that ManHole over yonder… because right now, motherfunker, Gabriela Sabatini goes to the M.O.O.V.E.E.E.Z–esas, con Las S.I.R.E.N.A.S.



Issy, it’s Weekend Edition
EYE Scream Ah,
is on, —the House!

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