LUNDI 20 MAI, 2019. N° 2420

Europeean Vacation at The Poles

Europeean Vacation at The Poles, with Rusty Griswäld. •|• From d’ASource: Ema’s Bleues and Amandine Henry at Quinze heures PARIS trente; Rue de Caire et Blvd. Sebastopol (75002) AZUR, of course, by the motherfucking “Queenie”, Clearance C.O.D.E. W2019E60179, en DIAGONAL à LES COMPUTER GRRRLS, who happen to bee En F.A.C.E. à Square ÉMILE–CHAU(d)TEMPS, 1858 et,  “dessiné à la française”, es decir, “como un Espacio Verde”.

—– M.O.O.R.E —–

Dear, Trevor Noah:

Pole positions

Pole Positions

Meet, La Semana que Phillipe Labró, c’est G.R.A.T.W.E.E.T. motherfucker, which in the language of Armando Álvarez, playing the role of the legendary Sunday Driver in the K.E.Y. of “El corrido de Bobby O’Rourke », means, “¡De A Grapa, Güey! ».

—– MORE —–

Welcome, to another edition of JEOPARDY, with your host, Alejandro Trebeck.

Hennything can happen tonite...

Hennything can happen tonite… with your host: The Ladies Man, V.s.O.P.

We [the  staff] join the Circuit,
already in Progress.

[Voz de Charolastra
modulada por un butt-plug

— It’s another Daily Double*, for 1000 Dollars, and a fist-full of Heidi… up Magic Mike Pence’s Ass:
Who is Driving through El Diagonal de las Reformas del presidente Emmanuel Macron, on page 6 of “the” CNewsMatinPlusHoBO?

* now in its Third representation.


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