“Reach for it, M’ister”… and the little fucker shot mì in the A.R.S.E.

"Hey brother can you spare a D.I.M.E. »

“Hey brother can you spare a D.I.M.E. » : Sebastian Bach on Skid R.O.W. ∴ . CA Hwy: 101.

Fela meets a Traveler… hilarité ensues when:

Dernier Papier

n° 2132: 5 déc 2018; Fiches du Cinéma: bienVENue en Résistance.

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the filming of, ” The WaWa Cure” remake in Johannesburg.

Donald Trump stabs the Monopoly®️ feller’ (or “acting” swollen stomach) in the middle of La Place d’Variâtes of The Empire… “It’s a Family Affair », The Alhambra in Londres wouldn’t understand.

… [A]nd still to come

Contra La Indecision
Concurso del Gallo de la Flecha
Notre Dame de París.

and L.I.V.E., from the Animalist Party at Jon Stewart’s funny farm.

Translation for non–Chuco speaking Beard-do’s
With your host, Willy’s giest.

La Subdivision of Regulations

La sub division of Regulations y Protocolos… Dear, Cousin Joe: Fuck RONALD REAGAN! and FuCK Title III of the Helms & Burton Law.: ¿Le dice algo el nombre de Esteban Ventura? Ask the dumb FloriBacardiBamans, them rednecks support Torturing Terrorists.


Quemacocos : Chuck Todd’s toupe.

Concepción i :

SEX Ed. 101

Sex Ed. 101.
Mary, c.o.n.c.h.a., and You.


Concepción ii :

Concepción iii :

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