How does horse fixing work, anyhow?

Dear, Lorne Michaels,


Öüï don’t need no stinkin’ regrets.

This is a serious issue. Öüï urge Ewe, eh; please don’t make the SAME TRAGIC mistake that the Saint–Germain de Paris made when the Emirates relinquished the best Player that they had ever signed for some Carioca that can’t play the Bossa Nova, because he [the Carioca—of course] is a fascist–supportin’ little bitch. Fascist have no Rhythm, Lorne.

Kate McKinnon Nears End of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Contract (EXCLUSIVE)

The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line.

En velo de depa: Jet around the World.

That fat bottom of yours is not going to disappear by cheating your way through the golf course.

ISSY:  ZLATAN is Aztlan.

ISSY: ZLATAN no es Tin–Tin!

ISSY: A Tin Tan también le gusta le gustó vivir en el momento porque él sí disfruta  disfrutó de las tortas de puerco.

Noche de cannes en perros

Noche de peRRos
Noche de caNNes
Noche de zoMBis

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