It’s Weekend Edition: Firing on All Cilindros

Sunday, May 11th 2019.

…mannnnn! who walks into a hallway while i fiddle with my lamp. It’s the City of Lights, y’all. Paris, Tejas.

Let’s go fishin’.
Only on The
Rachel Maddow PodCast

the followin’ is a spécial
Harvey Weinstein

Can You Spot the Circle K?

Can you spot the Cirkle K?
How’bout the 7-11, Snake ËYË?
Well then, how about Bradley Cooper?

“It’s like music.”
— … [Y]ou don’t say.

—– M.O.R.E. —–

After the break, B. Cooper reveals how he got that big break into the trajectory of Ben Affleck’s piss stream during the making of “Chespirito in L.O.V.E.”.

You've heard about the pringles®️ casket... it's like one of those

Will you be needing a pringles cannister for that lungless Mexican carcass? Just ask. We [the staff] will leave one for your S.I.C.A.R.O.S., right next to the Demi-Crème Lait de La Sacre Vache.

Stick around for Street Art Anecdotes, with tour host: Lorne Michaels in the role of Woody Allen.

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