Cursos para baterías 101 (Czech dis’ Shit out)

The following must bee read in a Don King promotional voice. Don wears his trademark New York jean jacket. Mr. King is dancing a Zapateado as The 45th president of los EEUU playsop plays the F.L.U.T.E.

Don King's jacket in French

Don King’s jacket in French.


Mean, while Mika changes the poenas for peanuts ®️in the middle of a constitutional crisis, Despicable Bostonians cross the line and visit Puerto Rico’s favorite putus in Washington.

over at Babylon Önë

Still to come:
2 cupcakes pop-corn caramel edition limiteé with musical guest, “Defense d’afficher”. Opening act:

La prohibición de Mika

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz:
These were Thomas Jefferson’s Madeleines de Proust Blue Ribbon.
(Slight Return with the Purple Hazy Pundit). She remembered, Heilemann—She remembered!!! Will she wear Yellow n°26 for tonight’s Laugh–a–Ton? Who knows, she’s the Purple Pundit, and Nicole can wear whatever she feels like taking off at the end of the segment… to head home and discover the new adventures of her Seven Year–old. Nicole’s got a lotta’ Orange County (in her, still)  and she’s like the New BLUE wave C.A,M.P. for (like) repented republicans, or something like that.

It’s against the law.


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