Fo’ ONE HUNdread Da’LARS: with your host Ol’Diety Bastard

Anybody and anyone can PAR•Ti•Ci•Pate on this activity, except the Trump Family, —all of them— includind the retard.

Los pies de Judas Priest

Säbado de G•L•O•R•I•EY!: 37F7CBD1-91F3-4E20-A9A3-3E23256AD9BC •|• LAS PATAS DE JUDAS. —_!_— C. MMXiX

… [B]ut first a word from our sponsors in the voice of Alex Trebek:

To all of our non–readers, includind the retard at the Ol’Dirty White House in WA–Wa Land. The vessel entre las olas — above —includes both an upside down Mexican drapeau and, for the sake of this most inconsequential draft, which started with the optics of [Eye shit you not]  “Robin Hood Men in Tights* » , a French flag, because… 

como dice la gente de Banderilla, Veracruz [ domicilio conocido ]

La Moral es un arbol (sin acento)
que da moras a los moros
de Guanajuato (Ciudad de momias del PAN nuestro de todas nuestras dictadurias)

. —– more —–

La concha de Cecily Strong

Dear, Lorne Michaels, please stand–by for La C.O.N.C.H.A. specs and dimensions.:1BF4BFD2-C628-47BF-8FBF-0E9EC7392902 •|• Cecily Strong… “six minutes, six minutes,” Ceci Strong your C.L.A.M. is on!

and still to come:

L’Adieu a la Nuit, or something like that.

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