Live fron the BBc: it’s High Noon, Morgana.

C’mon S.i.r.e.n,

y’all snaring for a new cookoo?

Night and Day

Méjico — mhéjico: Ra Ra RA! •|• Jour et Nuit.
Night and Day.

per’Yer request,
the above TimeStamp was brought to you by

“Bulls on Parade” — a new season:
On La Pamplonada filipina de Iztapalapa;
con Paco I. Taibo Jr., en el rol de
Poncho Pilatus.

and still to come: Öüï could Bee H.E.R.O.S. with whomever you want, except Sam Bee on account that she is saving herself for the Next White House Correspondents bachannal. Dress c.o.d.e. is full–black rubber suit (Cowboy H.A.T. optional).

TimeStamp: 17h45 CET

Mean, while the world spined around its own Axis on Monday night, the bee’s at Notre Dee spent the burning hours “gorging on Honey”… so fucking Virgin–ian of them.

Monsegnor Arno Levieux, a Salisiano monk assigned to permanent janitorial duties at the Caballeros de Colón oratorium bluntly and quickly stomped on the spread of fake miracle narratives.

“It was not a miracle, Padre. It was fucking thermodynamics and physics, and maybee a little bit of luck,” dijo Levieux.



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