“Mi tesorito”… Jean-Jacques Aillagón

Happening right now on C–SPAN 75

Never, Ever, Bee… Ewr’ beast of Bureau.

La Ceremonia del Bendaje de los notorios
Trois Mauvais Compagnons
En Direct from The northern Rosecrucian Circle at Notre Dame de Paris.


… [M]eanwhile at le Parvis del Hôtel de Ville en París:


Los bomberos del 75.
With your host: doña Anne
Musical guest: Los Sotanudos de la Cava Maltesiana.

It’s 11 p.m. CET

Jean-Jacques Aillagon is a F.R.E.N.C.H. national treaS.U.R.E.

For the R.E.c.O.R.D.:

The good people at Emmaüs Agora will not let Mí misconstrue Y’all.


I, armando segovia, checked with the nice folks at the domiciliation services and FOR THE RECORD, “you Know The Day destroys the Night », knight divides the They!!!!

Y no, S.I.R.E.N.A., let the RECORD show that Brontis correspondance, from The Director’s motherfucking D.E.S.K. —no•less— has not yet been delivered by La Poste de la esquina, to the Mighty–mighty rue des Bourdonnais.


El Tesoro de Los Hayek

Mi tesorito: LA jornada de Juan Molino Campos–hombre.

* Surge polémica por donaciones para reconstruir la catedral de Notre Dame


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