Dear, Stephen Colbert: are you from Mississippi, GodDamn!

Season 4, episode 133

Attention A.L.L. Units, and yes, that includes you two idiots bearing the Standard and “Imperial” rhulers: BEE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE CREATURE ABOVE. RAP Sheet on the perp, follows.

… [Y]et, another clue that reveals the real identity of The Colbert Report’s dirty little “Daily Show” ensamble who, as we [the staff] have been telling y’all, Stephen has hijacked the Ed Sullivan Theater and its current C.L.O.W.N., a jester from the Shrynin’ Shriners.

Les ènarques contra atacan… Dispatch follows.

Mean, while Stephen was jet-laggin’ on the job, ´the’ Humanity snuck in a 📎, but the slide only got like a little itsy bitsy New York minute of screen time. The short exposure on stage that 📎 got, at The Ed Sullivan Theater, represents a mockery to the slide bumper on dat thing d.a.r.e… Öüï, sir, demand a full-time (with health benefits) 📎 operator on ‘the’ Late Show every night of the week; including Fridays, and we [the staff] don’t give a damn if the wind on that slide has a Kosher or Hallal whiff at the end of that B.E.L.L., as long as 📎 is slidin’ on the Key of them collective barganing revival tunes.

o cómo dicen los muy francese–ces de l’Encycloédie, el “codex” de quién mueve cuánto en los registros de tierras de iglesias o monasterios; en estos documentos se da “Fe” a los llamados contratos de ADquisición, los de VEnta, los de INtercambio, los de PRIvilegios e inmunidadES, las EXepciones, las ORdenanzas, and other assorted π‘s.

… and mr. Trump’s (fake) nephew, please bee adviced that the following must be read in a Nina Simone’s voice, and F.U.C.K. mr. Colbert’s pocket change hondo, because (motherfucker):

[T]his is from a show that has yet to Bee written. Motherfucker.

Stick around, wë—almost done, just a little Shaken, not stirred; and a bit Burnt, pero lejos (camarada) de ser un pedazo de vaca well–done.

——- more ———


** Chapitre II, Cartulaire de la Nuit , en:
Naissance du Diable. De Babylone aux grottes de la mer Morte”. By Bernard Teyssèdre on Editions Albin Michel S.A.—1985

Tenga sus bubis

And of course those fucking french boobies: Dear, Stephen Colbert, might these be the set of Boobies that you wondered about? ROUEN a través de los Siglos.

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