Headquarters Third United States Army

To: Battle Stations
Cc: Bill Karins
Bcc: T.L.A.L.O.C.



Conversation memo and troop leading proceadures for the defence of the 75th tick mark of the Allied landing at Normandy.

General Omar Bradley
— The key to victory is bad weather, George.
The world as we knew it has its heels up in the air.

General George S. Patton
— So you think that enlisting the help of the Navajo Windtalkers at Omaha Beach will help?
That would require a kiss on the cheek of that Pacific pipe diva.

Gen. Bradley
— No necesariamente, George, meet the ones who speak like D.O.G.S.. Eye think that they have a better shot at spooking the spirits of Rudolph Hess and the S.S. in the form of White Nationalism out of the commemoration ceremonies, than that eccentric fellow Aleister, whom your friend Monty keeps bragging about.

Gen. Patton
— Are you sure that the Department of Agriculture would be all right with U.S. taking a squad of B.R.A.C.E.R.O.S. from food collection sites?

Gen. Bradley
— It’s worth the shot. Call our man in Palomas, Chihuahua. Find out, before you send Oddball again to do the dirty work, heck Eye reckon he’s still pissed about Mika’s let down when she ran–off to the French Riviera moments before that infamous breech breach of Nov. 2016.

Keep your Squelch–On.

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