Dear, Cousin Joe: enjoy your Metric measured marshMellow birthday cake.

Once again, Cousin Joe, wait for it, wait…

In the mean time,
while Donald Trump appoints the grandson of immigrant, and possibly persecuted parents who migrated to Long “fucking” Beach, California,
öüï switch it over to the great,
the one–and-only 💩’ty weather Rolex®️ explorer JANUZU Kurbiel, in for Bill Karins, who is definetly not doing the BossaNova with Señor Robinson.

JANUZU flew in straight from 1989,
and landed in Minnesota,
where the climate in 2019 is worst than the freezing hell of the Arctic of 1975.

Meanwhile, at the North Pole,
Mrs. Claus is wearing her first
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue
tangas and, sipping on Piña Coladas…
and quite possibly getting caught
in the “acid jazz” R.A.I.N.

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