Who Da’Fuck are Ewe? And what Da’Fuck did Ewe do with the Sirens?

April’s food for thought…

Impecable my güevos!!!:183CDA28-7B61-4047-858B-99E4C36B046E •—!-• Ewe do know, that this change in V.O.I.C.E.S. means W.A.R., eh?

You have Three Minutes to unFuck this A.U.D.I.O. discrepancy… This is not fip. Nope.

Oh, the humanity.

Where have all the French Muses Gone, François?

… y ya sabén cómo es de clarividente el pinche Hollande.

François Hollande:
— ¿Qué, qué será? C.E.R.A.!!!

The pinches Bannons are en el mismísimo Talón de l’Italy; as we sort-of-S.P.E.A.K. and you fuckers pull this Little A.C.T.!!!

Too L.A.T.E.:E54D4A48-D700-46FD-A458-06158476CB08 •|• Les “Topolinos” transformed into les original “VolkënsWagëns ».

Reports from La Villette relay that…

En fa.

A mouvement from the famed battallion BEEs in Drag  have unfortunatelly answered the signals coming out of La Seine not knowing that Enemy combat–ants from the A.X.I.O.S. enemy signal squadron have taken the Sirens hostage. A franchutette from one of the Three Mexicos in France, known only as “Lencha” appears to bee in command.

Dear Alex W:5F9561C1-889F-4C83-AEAB-FC3D75A9CE91 •|• Never say never, dear.

Meanwhile, at The Colbert Report…

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