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New Season!

Sara was a Tree huggin’ güila lovin’ Spirit::E46DD359-A8AF-4AEA-A297-57B2F9326FE4

Watch out, Fall:
Eye’m coming to get that H.O.U.R. back!

BREAKING The News:CAE58572-A551-4698-959A-0E01627827D3 •-_!_-• Oh, there goes Humanity.
Page 3_Paris, France– Former French president, François Hollande opens shop as Crystal Bäll reader. His first prediction, that France is going to E.A.T. Coq; and that Stephen Bannon is going to serve it raw. Just like Michael Che likes it on the SNL.

spectacles on the big screen

p. Önë:

Actual caption from sourced media…
Cuentos Chinos, o algo ASÍ:
Elba Esther Gordillo, leader of Mexico’s teacher’s union, listens as Mexican authorities complete documentation after her arrest in Mexico City February 27, 2013. REUTERS/Federal Judicial Council of Mexico/Handout
Read more at https ://www .channelnewsasia .com /news/world/mexico-union-boss-victory-exposes-crack-in-top-graft-cases-10627112

In Science Fiction histori-ci–ci-city, Luke Skywalker is transferring over to the Hollandaise hörror family side of the Tinsel and he, the Jedi güy, will be voicing the wails, screams, and zingers of Mexican M.O.B. Boss (education guilds) and well-rounded corrupt bitch —not to mention insatiable B.O.Y. eater— Elba Esther Gordillo.

Brexit HAS gotTEN a Ticket to Ride. F.U.C.K.


Live From New York—75003

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Yup, there goes the neighborhood.


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