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Noticias El Relampago:EF594BBB-53A6-45C4-A460-B317502A39A0

… [en] otras noticias, Gustavo Ceratti asegura que Valentín Elizalde canta mejor que Tom Waits. …[Y] sin acento, ¡sin acento!!! Raquelito. Tildes are optional.

This Post is missing a bunch of E’s:63A80DF7-A704-47C6-832D-B5D10B2A569C •|• In the frame, Gov. Rick Perry, The Shit-for-Brains appointed by The Head Asshole in Washington.

Mean, while Semolina Pilchard and the P.I.N.K. P.A.N.T.her were busy investigating an illegal immigration takedown of a wellknown child labor employer, a peripheral 3rd party registered at the wall markets as NKE (NYSE), our hero, the before mentioned Agent from the prestigious sleuth offices of Zebra Crossing and Verbo’s Investigators*, L.L.C.* serendipitiously stumbbled upon the A.N.C.I.E.N.T. d.N.a. drafts for a V.I.S.U.A.L. theory which goes on to show in great detail the developing S.T.A.G.E.S. of how Los Amigos de México en Francia first appeared on La Cámara Nacional de Comercio en Garibaldi.


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