Happy Putines! — page 3 with Andrea Mitchell reports

Ladies in Gemini:
La semana que Philippe Labró.

The Iron Lady’s bustier affair:40286B00-BD09-4583-90C0-4E52ABA63178 — of course it would bee up to Andrea Mitchell to make the big reveal about Nancy Pelosi’s bustier. It Turned 130 years old today. Of course, only the one–and–only Andrea Mitchel would know that, the Iron Lady style bustier was standard issue back in 1889 when they both started out on different tracks of the Greatest Show on Earth: el béisbol.

Live from Puteaüx,
allí mero en dónde
los muy putines [y las muy putinas]
se dan entre Sí.


Musical guest:
Double Whopper
 out of the Blues Travelers




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