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The Torquemeter Affair,
Starring (fucking) Matt Damon
Musical guest: Angry Impala

We’d like to take our measurement as close to the action as possible. If we could actually get into the tire footprint and measure traction directly, that would be ideal. Since we can’t do that, how about measuring the torque driving the rear wheel with a torquemeter on the gearbox output shaft?

“Reduce wow and flutter”

Eye don’t need Donald Trump’s Civil War:160E5573-C044-4338-8286-89F708E79F1A •|• Toad on a wet sprocket.

🎙 … and now, a link to the benchmarked specs:

Akira goes here
*Spoiler Alert:

All in all, be careful with this movie; it’s not for everyone. Just ignore the hype on BOTH sides and judge for yourself. I recommend the subtitled version; the dub’s voice actors suck and anyone who’ll understand this movie is obviously smart enough to read.

Ryuji-2 | 16 January 1999
on the IMdB

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