Told You the cards were Stacked: 4 years for treason, 10 years a … nevermind. HAIL HAIL WHITE COLLAR CRIME.

Le Ville–what? et Sous_qué chingadoux? *

•!• La Porte está de vacaciones

y aquí hay un Cható embrujado?

Mean, while Stephen Colbert was on his contract–stipulated supository to get into Heaven’s Gate Door, Jon Batiste was making sure that the Trojan Horse was up to SPECS.

KREMLINFORNIA trip:FA1484DD-79AB-4104-9D9B-AE4D8287FDB5

… and Jon confirms:
—yeah, it’s a Snap–On.

… and Stephen replies:
—Are you Certain, Jon?

… and Jon replies:
—From this angle one can’t be sure if it’s a m.a.r.e. or ah–boy.

—Well, might there bee any fantastical loiterers nearby to corroborate? Asked, Colbert.

—Wait Önë, boss, let me ask this Rabbit.
Hey Rabbit!

—Shhhhhh…. went the Rabbit.

—Hey Rabbit!!! Insists, Batiste.

And the Rabbit goes:

Doucement, nigga !!!
Youse gonna wake up the k.i.d.

And then the inevitable happened, noise from the trial coverage of the Manafort treason affair finally burned–out the base, this of course had an effect on the sentencing judge, who, with his slap on the wrist —statement— awoke the k.i.d.


There will be a part two”:05D305D5-B39B-4409-85F2-C78ACE510FCA •!• Accordingbto The Rest of the Story, “He told police he had been thinking about shooting his father since school and devised a plan because “He was done with all of that” and « wanted it to end »”. All for a Playstation, an X-Box, and a fucking computer.  

… period. And you and your panel are right, Ari Melber, “Ewe can’t make this [S.C.R.U.B]. up.” Cheerios!

Eye am going to masturbate now.

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