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Swgbe and Pako take a bus ride

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The Sweet Sixteen affair

Actually, nothing to see here, now that the 2019 French Animal Farm is HIStory, the mascot, “Eminence”, has been sent–off to “retirement” paradise where she will join “Cerise”, “Haut”, “Fine”, and previous mascots of the Agriculture fair.

Each year, a lucky “retired” farmer is selected to rear the reigning mascot. For 2019 that honor belongs to Captain Freedom.

Do the “running man”:813FB2ED-F791-4EF5-82BB-17ECC30EDB60 — and then Richard Steele goes: Maaaaaaan! Do the Humpty Dance.

Congratulations to Gov. Jesse Ventura with his new “addition” to the F.A.R.M., and SENECA hopes that he, and “Eminence” have “the” lot of fun, “running” together in those pristine parisian prairies.

Dear, Marianne:


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