POP QUIZ: Why does the U.S. spend so much money on Elections?

Anygüey, Ari Melver…might Ewe give three fucks if Öüï, the staff, merge the lane over to Morning Joy to follow up on that Kentucky ghetto bow tie?

EE428D0F-8D8E-440C-9C0E-8E024AE6B2F8… What DEADLINE?
Said the über-delivery Boye, while pointing at the delivery cube.
—Ewe tellin’ Mí, motherfucker, that after all this months since the Fall of Babylon ii, that you asholes no longer want this here motherfucking HAMBURGERS from PARadÍSe‽ W.T.F.? And keep the elipses-ese.
[Forget the gutters, Doll. And do consider this a kind reminder to the Sirens, please relay them fishtails that there ARE three letters, dolls. Three letters that are deep inside Paradise. Three letters, sirens. 3 deep in Paris.]
Comic book universe my ass.

Of course, not. Eye am a little Wallace Bee, Eye have no TIES—Eye ride on ties… on Railroaded TIES because: AIN’T no God in Matamoros, y menos en México.

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