Dear, Cousin Joe: Eye knew your NEWS line-up, since like Yestour_day

Febrero 21, 2019 a.o. (after obama… in Young Americans years).

Whose on Vest?:12CCF9CF-FCE1-4D5C-B00D-8F8B403D5C5B… Costello called it Quits!… and Marie Claire à Babylon ii goes: KARL and that’s all that Eye am allowed to say. —•_!_•— This draft is brought to you by Wall St. English: Chop for words at Wall St. English, or visit our Call-in center front in Tijuana, just ask the barfly for INGLÉS SIN barreras.


Phenomenological Semiotics
Design 101 to the power of Three.

Actual Time Stamp for Ms. Jordan:F9E97D9A-FCA9-433A-81DE-70F638CA6A70 •_!_• Actual Time Stamp for the avove THE PLAN snapshot, for the bleeding of the first responders fund (of 9-11) was captured in the middle of a Damas Chinas duel between manazO and Beetlejuice; actual address is  33 ve. George V, 75 Hundred Paris.

—Three, Two!!! Come on motherfucker, “get Ready,” said Sinatra.

Flat Broke in the Key of C Sharp:1B7F98E1-2AD0-45C9-B6AA-2282E0D98CD4 — Dear, John Oliver… Eye ain’t a military wife, for either your staff, nor Stephen’s Elf Krew.

Source for “J’allais vous dire…”:
Journal apocryphe d’un Président.
Philippe Barret.
Editions de “les lattès”, o algo así.

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