Eye don’t practice Santería, as read by Bri–Why.

Eye am a Nigromante,
but Ewe knew

Right, Mrs. del Percio?

18 with a Bullit:F3E2A386-A808-4B41-95EA-AA3C50417620 —•— URGENT MESSAGE TO THE MUSIC UNION:
It appears that there is an UNDOCUMENTED TWIN working the Piano of The Colbert Report… if that is their real Flag, on that Bass Drum.
Anyway, the “illegal” key stroker was last seen sportn’ a Fly AQUAbleüe suit on the 100th episode of that particular “Gig”.  Bee vegüi BEGÜI careful, the piano player has a posse of bad-asses following him…

Details on this D.R.A.M.A. will follow, after a musical break.

Anygüey, Brontis à La Préfecture, we [the staff] have not, we repeat: have not forgotten about the drawn–out–of–a–HAT “requirement” that your agents hanged next to my fuzzy balls on that motherfucking Rear–View mirror of this ride.

However, you, sir, of all instances know that the reason for DRAFTING this recourse, or blog, was for future reference BECAUSE under the authority of an Interior Minister (a French Presidential candidate himself from the “left” who is now using his “immigrant experience” to cuddle with the DERECHA ESPAÑOLA) you sir, asphyxiated my hypothesis about Mexican Institutions and the corruption of those institutions in France. And you sir, did it while collaborating with the apparatus that neuters dissent at The Mexican Embassy in France.

1D97F960-28BC-48CA-BFDD-251AABF7CF0F — It’s like Jerry Lewis for the French, but in Japanese… Kabuki Theater continues, after a word from the Drafts. Musical Guest: The Fly and the Words on the Document.

So, no, MARIANNE, that round to meet “the requirement” remains on the S.I.N.G.L.E. and it is in on reserve for The L.P.. See you Monday.


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