And then, Marianne, a most unfortunate thing happened inside of the Radius of the forum

Them twisted crosses began to appear like postcards for  perpétuité. 

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Godwin’s Law needs no invocation on this one. The “Real” Donald Trump is visible on a message sent by the followers of Steve Bannon and the DogMatix (not the doG from Asterix, but from the AsteRisk of a fake Aryan (Ayran – IRAN) myth, ThaT is an Asterisk in recent European History) of WAR.

note to Editors:
this entry was supposed to be delivered Yesterday, however, the Sun was out, and Cain was nearby, so instead ÖÜÏ strolled around the Nether regions of The MAN of Paris*.


—- So, Noah, eh, nice Kidd. But Sir, Ewe don’t know the rest of the Story. Öüï took an earlier stroll with MANDELA at his Parisian garden and EYE have it on Good Authority to relay to EWE, sir, that a deal was struck between the SIX Nations and MANDELA in order to have Noah do the Daily Show, this —motherfucker (Sir)— in exchange of letting a most Despicable Bostonian play REAL “football”, which is Australian code for R.U.G.b.y., instead of your fucking anatomically misleading NFL Patriot’s past–time. Fucking Bostonians, they are DeSPICaBle. Fucking Beans, my ass! Them Bostonians are more like LENTilles… now go back to Cambridge, and tell Ben Affleck that Paris is waiting for him in Attica, you despicable bostonian, Ewe.

Don’t ask me. Keep Watching. Eye Started a Watch Company:

But first, we must put the StarLord to bed. Ellen Page sings the Lula-By.

Bradley Cooper. Please Stand-By. Ewe TWO are on the Chamber, and “Can You Smell What this R.O.C.K, and P.E.D.R.O. are Cooking?”… Napoléon holds the Cue Cards on this segment.

… Dear, Drum Boy. Nice, Keith Moon style you did there when Noah stepped out of his ARC to visit your barn. Keep wearing the S.C.A.R.F. it adds F.L.A.I.R. to that cowboy hat, Sir.

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