The State of the Union — … now go get your Shoeshine box you Son of a Bitch

Live from El Paso, Tejas.

7CEB91A1-F6D5-4DBE-8D57-5731A382597C… GOOD NEWS FROM THE HILL: president TRUMP dedicates his STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS TO IMMIGRANTS, meaning, his mail-ordered Wife.

It’s The Donald Trump Show!!!


The MotherShip:99463EA0-E69F-49C5-A1FB-D129D4DC3AF6


Context follows:6D6EAC8D-136A-4233-BDE1-EA75CB74074D •—• At 03:33 hrs. in Central NATO Time, the president of The United States LIED about the biggest treath to Chuck Todd’s Republic. If NATO fails, so does Europe. This message is brought to you ByCEMEX… streaming because of  EWE, live.



LET’s HeaR it for this Son of a Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a recovered screen-shot that was captured by an enemy platoon de putins on the STREAM:C02—C02:C02ACBC3-5CA4-4D41-9827-0769C43D97F5… Las Palomas on Da’Motherfucking Hill provided Air-Support to deal with Charlie, NOW, and later  in the coming Vietnam Daze. Despite the fire-for-effect battery, which arrived JUST ON THE NICK of my “big brass bed”, General Zimmerman’s Tank was hit when the American Tyrant sent the “Abortion” hook on his base. Light went out when Donald Trump claimed to be doing God’s Work. Full Disclosure. GOD no existe, and if SHE did she’d BEE a REAL SOCIALIST   in Reel Time.

Enemy RPG teams released those pesky Cirillic Script gremlins but The Midnight Rider cut those son’s of Putin down in time to get back to the Mother Ship of freshmans who are going to make sure that DONALD TRUMP IS INVESTIGATED BY the motherFunK Ink of The ChipMonk. Inspite!!! IN SPY’t —Raquelito— of Don Kings “Thrilla in The Silla” spells.

In the Counter-Measure encounter we lost a lot of bits of information that Trump laid out at D.A.T. Particular Forum, which without REPUBLICAN TOADIES, he alone can’t even get in without an invitation, BECAUSE as the Purple Pundit knows, he (donald trump) is a fucking blood–sucker. Un vampiro, —pues.

America. Wake the Fuck Up… Donald Trump is the REAL NATIONALIST EMERGENCY (dot, dot—motherFucking—dot at The Real Deal:64B5292E-18CD-4042-B317-50321D8BBE94

The good thing is that California was WRITING every thing that ThaT StupiD SoN of a BitcH said, as the 45th President of the United States of América, o como dicen los Brujos de Cátemaco: mientras Dona Trun sea Pre_Ji–Dente.

DEAR, SIRENS… it’s 7am; and although “being under a MANGO tree” sounds like a lovely proposition, ÖÜÏ rather do it ARRIBA DEL GUAYABO.


Your Office or MINE? Do Let ÜS know, en Fa.

Siete del Mañana de HOY en CENTRAL NATO TIMES.

Rock Steady Cardenche Presente:89C906D6-DBBB-4DB5-A42B-F17E4F278C9E

UP AND AT’em… faltán veinte para las Nueve, the staff is going to take some R&R with the Breeders Grand’ma’s.

Pick you back up after the AAR.


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