333 days until 2020… You May put an X on the calendar

Good Morning, World.
It’s day 32 of 2019.


Live from 1942 in Central Europe Time:

The Battle Hymn of The Republic.

“Today, and every day from now on, we will be with you from America to talk about the war… The news may be good or bad for us – We will always tell you the truth”:7e2442fe-c7f3-413a-8d4c-eca45177735e

So, here Öüï is. « Vendiendo mantequilla a los romanos”, o cómo diría Clavillazo… cómo diría, Jacquouille la Fripouille, what year is this? Everybody knows [especially Bill Maher] that The Voice of America (VOA) can’t play the:

I am outraged that an American citizen who dresses up like a millionaire that hunts hobos as a hobbie, gets treated  with the same trespass that little Elian from Havana got, from the RENO 911

card, when it comes to the Russian Television’s meddling on the 2016 U.S. General Election.


[RichMan’s Playbook screengrab follows. It’s a “day’ol Ring” that collects (SEVEN RINGS)  before you get paid.]

Stalingrad 1943:68d72207-b58d-4809-927a-2b70aae57634

Esa mantequilla, robada en plena plana y ante los Ojos de un tal Pascal Praud (CNEWS Matin, nº 2364) sirve ahorita —en el 2019— únicamente para sácarle brillo a los mechones del “Emperador”.

No, Rachel Maddow, NBC News can’t fight fire with Olive Oil. To compete in the Black Spy / White Lies monopoly game you play by the only true thing in LIFE: El Pancracio.

The 900 club:c9c00c0b-23d0-4a02-b1d6-813f8a92ab7e

So, no. Raquelito: YOU, get out of Dodge!

Say is tat a Big Microphone that you are SPELLIN’ DARE:0d55cb60-7425-4949-8ea0-436847ff52fd… Starring PENN & TELLER.

It’s The Voice of America.

Atte: León Trostki.


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