Dear, John Goodman. Öüï Found’em.

Breaking the Landing.

We say goodbye to the first month of 2017.  The first month when the Democrats, who by-The-güey, control da’house, allowed Donald J. Trump a seat at The Oval Office, in Washington. Courtesy of Vladimir “pitín” Putin.

The complete (Marilyn Monroe DOCTRINE –to–FOXY LADY Kia Drayton) No Elizabeth Aguilar:3499fca8-4f64-4864-adff-4caa98856f4c_Collection.

Anyway, John Goodman, we [the staff] located your teen “friend’s” older brother. And he’s got the goods, man.

From the Fiesta de Sylvestre to a Blue Moon and a Total Lunar eclipse, January 31st is all out there. A guy named Fawkes got fucked, the 13th Ammendment gave the keys to The Blues and “the” Jazz, Colin Powell had Staff-Duty today in Saigon; that’s probably a twisted lie, The Ducks of Hazard name their set of wheels (older than a Wall) Commander–in–Chief, and NBC invents the “Telenovela” para vender JABÓN R O M A.


Fucking Australians:-fdd05d70-a8fd-42e6-832f-e32dd944c599… coming up on Fucking with the Wellington’s, Katty Kay explains String Theory to Gordon Sullivan; Hilarity ensues when Mother Mary explains that the sting on the string is called Diabetes Mellitus… AND GORDO looks at the doctor and GOES: — You mean, like a Taste of HONEY nut CHERIOOS, doctor? … Y la Galeno goes: that’s right Gordo! Taste!!! Excelsior!!! You cane-sporting, tea-drinking Cello Player, A Taste of Honey is the secret ingredient for a comprehensive Let It Bee, roast… Yoko Ono’s collection of asses come courtesy of: YOKO ONO, “Lumière de L’Aube…Ce…De…Eh‽ —What The F#, man; Gheeeeee Whiz!  •—• Hoy no hubo Hobo, puros Hobbits y No, Siren!!! HOY NO HUBO JAZZ, en LA menor. —•—€  ¥OKO ONO’s asses for peace was made possible by The Year 1504 and  The Treaty of Lyon after the end of the Italian War, confirming French domination of northern Italy, while Spain receives the Kingdom of Naples, “PHASE ONE, in which Doris gets her oats”, with Def Aides (in a LAB with Del Toro’s  aquaman), o igual, with some of the Help!. }-—~~~\,,,*>  Musée d’art contemporaine de Lyon  (9 mars au 10 juillet 2016).

And good news for Bear lovers everywhere, the beast didn’t eat the Three year old, boy. So, says The Colbert Report.

So, in Re-cap: The “Goods” were found, pero Hoy:


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